His Girl, now & forever (his_baby_girl) wrote in you_loveit,
His Girl, now & forever

Makes me smile


Ladybugs and my adorable gerbils make me smile.

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Awwww the gerbils are so sweet.
hehe thankies. Theres 8 of them, and a new litter that just opened their eyes yesterday. But the new ones are going to have to be given to a pet store, I cant keep that many! lol.
Giving them to a pet shop :(
I want one.
I really dont want to give any up, but I have to. I wish I could give them to people I know! Unfortunately people either live too far, or dont want them/cant have them. I dont have much choice in the matter. :o/
:) ladybirds ♥
Gerbils kind of scare me. I think they're going to nibble my fingers :x
welcome to happyhappyland :D